Action Button values gone when adding new e-mail account


In the new release 3.3.7 I found an issue with the action button values. Using the Firefox version 107.0.1.

  1. I’am adding a new button column with e-mail sending action
  2. Putting all values in the fields and forgot to create an e-mail account
  3. Clicking on the combobox value “E-Mail Konto hinzufügen”
  4. The create e-mail account window opens. The column wasn’t created and all changed are gone

It would be much more useable if you get a warning or something like that.

The behavior of the button column’s settings haven’t changed. In other words, the observed behavior is not new.

In any case, it’s not convenient, I agree.

It’s like “lessons lerned, never do it this way again” :slight_smile:

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