Active users cannot be added to teams - no support possible


I need to be able to add an existing seatable user to my team, so that I can grant admin rights. The user has own bases and thus cannot delete his user to be able to be added to my team.

How can existing seatable users collaborate developing a database / app. Especially when thinking about consultants supporting multiple clients in development, they cannot create a new user/mail for every client and work in multiple accounts.

Alternatively a sharing option, where one can also grant admin rights for the base and apps would be an option and potentially easier, with the need to be able to un-share.


There is only one way to bring an existing user into your team:

You have the option of releasing a base with the defined authorizations to another user, who can then also edit the base.

The universal app, on the other hand, can only be edited by the person who added it to the base and for members within a group with an administrator role.

That makes collaboration with different teams really difficult and will prohibit that someone can support different organisations building their Apps, form a consultant perspective. (or will lead to loads of seatable accounts from the same person with then different mail adresses etc).
Really unfortunate. Especially if the “consultant” has a payed subscription to use all functionality, having to have multiple accounts which then need to be individual payed accounts does not make a lot of sense.

Currently there is a technical restriction, that prevents that an account is assigned to multiple teams.

SeaTable allows sharing single bases between teams. Just read the docs: Differences between invitation links and external links - SeaTable.

This allows the following scenario:

  • you have your account with a paid subscription (you need only one seat)
  • your customers have their own accounts (they can have any subscription they want/need)
  • you create a base in your account
  • you create an invite link and share this to your customer

In this way you only need one account and everybody has to pay for the amount of users he/she needs.

thanks for the response. It is one solution, but I have a concern with “owning” the base and sharing with customers. Usually they want to own the base / application and also might want to do some changes by themselves, but still be able to get support. Thus they would share the base with me, but currently cannot share admin rights for the app, which is the main issue, as they then cannot get any tech support for building / updating their apps.
regarding the invitation link, as I do not have to specify a mail adress in the invitation link, it also bears the risk, that the link can be wildly distributed, thus I cannot control who gets access to my base / app and thus potentially data.
Being able to share with another user specifically, would thus be needed in my opinion.


I can understand your concerns.

We handle it as follows: after consultation with the customer, we create the base with the corresponding app. Once we have presented everything to the customer and everything is to their satisfaction, we export the base and send them the DTABLE file. So everything is in his hands.

Further adjustments to the app can then be done either directly by the customer or by us via remote maintenance (Teamviewer or similar).

Hi, both ways only work if no joint development between me and the customer is taking place, as there is no option currently for joined admin access to the App.


That is correct, so we use TeamViewer to make adjustments to the app via the customer’s account.

Everything else, as described by cdb, is currently not possible due to technical restrictions.

But feel free to add your request here:

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