Add a default file to a file column

Good morning.

I have a scenario, where I have to send an email to users, who applied for a service. Users have to sign a document (PDF) and send it back, before I can process their application further.

Since the automation - email can only send attachments from file columns, I need to automatically add the document to the tables file column, when a new record is created.

Any way to do that?

There is no no-code way to do it. Sorry.

But it can be done with a script. The script is triggered upon addition of a new record. The script copies the file to the column.

Ah, thought so. After a short look into the docs, I could not figure out how to add a file from my custom directory in the base to a new entry. Can you give me a hint?

This is how you do it:

You find the resource here: Files - SeaTable Developer Manual

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