Add last editor to collaborator column after change of row

Good morning.
I have a collaborator column and a last editor column.
Now, i want the last editor to be added to the collaborator column, if a row has changed, in order to get a list of editors, who changed the row.

I did try with automation rules, but it cant set collaborator to the value of last editor, nor can it automatically use the currently logged in user working on the table.
Also automation rules do not fit, because the monitored column is a linked one, which is not available in automation.

Then I tried with javascript and SQL but the SQL, using base.query():

update Laufzettel set Unterschriften ="11111@auth.local,22222@auth.local" where _id ="NGH245"

does simply nothing.

Anyone with a sollution?

SeaTable’s automations are still subject to some restrictions. We’ll eliminate them in the future.

The log in the row details tells you who modified a record.

The length of the log is dependent on your subscription (assuming your use SeaTable Cloud).