Add multiple link records


I want to create multiple link records by Add Link action.
As far as I tried, only single link records can be generated.
For better clarity, I describe what I want to do:

  • assume we have Table1 and Table2.
  • Table2 has 3 rows with first row value; A, B, C for each row.
  • In Table1, put text data ‘A, B, C’ in any dummy column
  • Define Add Link action with condition like; Table2 first column IN Table1 dummy column values with delimeiter ‘,’ (this is new feature request from me!)
  • Another new linked record column is generated(if not yet exist) and 3 link records to A, B, C are set.

If my statements does not make sense, let me know. I’ll try to clarify more

I’m sorry, but I can’t quite figure out what you want to do.
Can you please post a corresponding screenshot?

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I’m sorry for my poor explanation. The below screenshot and gif animation would give more context.
In short, I want to have multiple record link by Add Link command. Is this possible somehow? Or, can it be feature request?

Ideal Result

Actual Result

Your requirement is currently not supported by the matching rule in the data processing operation.

Please make it a feature request at

I got it, thank you for reply.

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