Adding new lines to a filtered view

In a filtered view, adding a new line should automatically fill in all the cells so that the line appears in the filtered view. For instance, when filtering for a certain “single select” value, adding a new line should add that selection. Otherwise it is impossible to add new lines while active in a filtered view, which greatly decreases its usefulness.


Or, in words, what you demand already works.

Or do I misunderstand your post?

Oh I see so it does work with some data types! Here is a demo of it not working with links to other tables:
Peek 2022-02-13 23-12

I just tested. It works with the following column types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Collaborator
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Single Select
  • Multiple Select
  • Email
  • Checkbox
  • Rating

In other words, you found the one column type where it does not work :wink:

I’ll add it as a feature request.

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