Adding pictures/files to a row without overwriting existing ones

Hi, I’m trying to patch a table row by uploading a new picture, as in, my goal is to add to existing pictures.
I didn’t notice that what the PUT request does is set the new array value for the picture field/column so it overwrites any existing pictures.

I am using similar steps and requests to what Christoph posted here with this explicit warning:

Step 4b: attach the file to the base to an existing row
ATTENTION: if a file already exists, it will be overwritten…

So my question is, is there a way, different API request or different syntax in the body, to upload a file or picture to a row and add to existing, not replace?

Or is my only option to first query the row details and in the PUT request pass an array for the picture field with both existing pictures paths and the new one I want to upload?

This is the only option currently.

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