Additional virtual machines for SeaTable Cloud

If you used SeaTable Cloud in the last few weeks, you might have detected some warnings in your browser that the connection to SeaTable Cloud is lost and the client has to reconnect. This was caused by load peaks due to strong customer growth.


Even if this information does not inspire confidence, it is not problematic. Entries are not lost and work can continue after a very short time.

At the same time, we are convinced that these problems will no longer occur in the future.

Last night (Nov 7th at 2am) we made a corresponding modification to the SeaTable Cloud platform. We have added additional virtual machines to the SeaTable Cloud to distribute the requests across multiple devices. This allows us to reliably compensate for short-term load peaks, and such a connection error should really only occur if your Internet is briefly lost or the WLAN reconnects.

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Thank you for taking care of this. In fact I still experienced it quite a few times today and also API response times were varying from very fast for a big request and sometimes very slow on a tiny request… Anyways, I love SeaTable <3
Have a good weekend.

Just a short update about this topic. Our efforts to stabilize the system were successful. We haven’t had a single disconnect caused by the server in over a month. SeaTable Cloud is running rock solid.

The last disconnect was measured on Nov. 11th.


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