Adjust row height or wrap text

Hi. When having a text in a column (column type Text or Large Text), depending of the column-width you only see a limited number of words. I would like to see more of the text. In Excel you would adjust the row-height so the text wraps into the cell.

I would like so see an option to adjust the row height.
(or is there another option, besides expanding the whole record)

Hi Peter, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

“Customizable row height” is on our developing list and will be delivered in the first half of 2021. Thanks for the feature request! Sorry if this causes inconvenience for you…

In the meantime, I would suggest some alternative solutions: normally when we need to see the whole content of a cell, we are looking for some sort of identification of this cell. There must be some attribute to this cell that differs from others. SeaTable offers some alternatives that Excel doesn’t have: you can set labels (single/multiple select), colors (formatting), or checkboxes to a row, which is also a nice and quick way to identify a certain row.