Adjust the Column Width of Views

I have a question regarding the column widths in Seatable. I gave a user the permissions to work in side a table but she does not has permission to adjust the line width. I cannot find a solution for that problem bc the table is not locked and she has permission to read and write inside the view.

Yes, we also experienced this issue.

It is also not possible to sort the columns in a different order.

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Hm.Yes i experienced that issue too… thats very annoying though. But thanks your you reply

Please unlock the view settings and/or the colum header lock:

It is both unlocked.

We’ve never seen this issue and this is the first such report.

Please make a screen capture and post here.

I assume you’ve solved your issue.

i cannot share a screen capture but the problem is still there

Please send the screen capture to

It appears that you used the function to hide the header arrows. Here is how to show them again:
Hide column arrows - SeaTable.

Thanks for the response. Did change it but the problem still remains. In the shared view i cannot change the width

In a shared view, It is likely the column width can’t be changed. It is consistent logically as the shared users can’t change other column settings.

The app building feature is designed to give users more granular control over the layout and configuration.

You can try with the app building feature to create a table page containing predefined set of records. The app builder as well as the shared user can have fine grained control in app pages, for example, the shared user can adjust the width of the columns.

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