Advice on how to compare budget v actual spending

I would like to get advice on how to compare budget and actual spending.
I am creating content management system that includes a content table with commissions for articles that will appear on different platforms. The cost of each item will also be recorded.

We also have an annual budget we have to spend, broken down into month.

I need to roll up the monthly spend from the content table and show it next to the planned spend; I also need to show the variance between the two. What would be the best way to achieve this please?

I appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance for looking.


I don’t know exactly how your base is currently structured, but if you create a link between your content table and a budget table, you can use the rollup function to display the costs (sum, average,…).

You can use the formula column to calculate the difference between the budget and current expenditure.

I hope that helps you.

Thanks very much for your reply. I haven’t created the budget table yet and I’m wondering how i should join the content table to it in order to get a sum by month. The content table has a deadline field - should i extract the month in a calculated column, then use this field to link to the budget table, which will also have a month field?