After Updgrade 4.3-> 4.4: "This Base needs to be migrated to storage-server"

Hi all,

using seatable enterprise, after upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4 today I get the following error message when I try to open SOME of my bases:


In the admin area, I can see that the bases affected by this error show no size:

(in this case, the base “CONTROLLER” gives the above error message, while “ckb” opens correctly.

What can I do?

Best regards


P.S.: I would be very helpful for quick help because the database is used in a productive environment.

After switching back to 4.3 it looks like access to the bases unaccessible in 4.4 is ok again. Looking at their date of creation I speculate that the affected bases might use seaf-server instead of dtable-storage-server, which was introduced in ver 3.0.

Is there any way to automatically migrate old seaf-server bases to dtable-storage-server bases? Or to re-activate backward-compatibility for seaf-server bases in 4.4?



Your assumption is completely right. Only bases that were created with version 2.x or 1.x are affected.
You find the necessary migration steps at: Extra Upgrade Notices - SeaTable Admin Manual.

I am sorry, that I didn’t update the page immediately this morning after we published the new version.

Great - with your help I could migrate the bases and everything works fine again.

Thanks a lot!


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