Again: Multiple ID numbers in one cell

I followed the instructions
(Topic: Multiple ID numbers in one cell; Answer: 1. Create an app and send invitation link of this app to your users / 2. After step 1, refresh the base, now you can select the app users in your base / 3. Assign rows to specific users.)
,unfortunately without success. In point 3, I could not select my employee in the “Employee” column type. The base has been updated and the employee can still not be found in the base to enter him in the “Employee” column. (He should still not be a member of the group).
The table in the app with the filter settings “Include current user” selected does not work for this user because he cannot be selected.
If I work in the app with the filter “Is ID of the logged-in user”, the employee sees the corresponding lines. However, I cannot then make these lines available to any other employee because only one ID number can be entered.

Could you please help me?

From my testing, I can select users from external apps inside a base (there are 50+ external users):

Can you share screenshots of yours?

Hello, I tested it today with a new base and a new app and it works. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot!

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