Allow resolving of image URLs per copy&paste

As it is right now, if you have, for example, an excel sheet with many image URLs and you want to transfer them into SeaTable (image type field) you have to do it one by one as pasting URLs directly into the cell is not possible. For each image this is about 5 clicks. With some hundred links this is a very tedious task (I know from experience :sweat_smile:). It would be very cool if pasting an image URL directly into a cell and automatically resolving and displaying it would be possible.

Thanks for that! This is something we’ll address when improving the Excel import wizard.

You can do it with a python script to download images from URLs and put them in the base.

Are there any news on this? I’d be specifically interested to resolve URLs received from an n8n automation that point to an image. Right now this results in just an empty cell when the URL is passed to an image column from n8n.

Sorry, not yet implemented and no news.

For the time being, this is the way to go: