Allowing "Single select column" use in formulas

Hi everybody !
First of all, congrats for this nice tool :slight_smile:
I was wondering why single select columns are not available in formulas (it would be nice to can compare them with a string, for example
Thanks a lot, and have a nice day

Hi @bennhatton,

a warm welcome to the SeaTable Forum! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying using SeaTable.

Single Select options are currently not available to be included in a formula. Our applogies for the inconvenience! Hopefully this will be solved in the coming versions, presumably in October or November!

thanks and a nice day to you, too,

Hi @Karlheinz,
Thank you for you very fast answer !
I can’t wait, Seatable looks so promising so far :slight_smile:

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Hi @bennhatton, I have some good news regarding your question.

Are you using the self-hosted version or the cloud version?

If you are using self-hosted version which is currently 1.2.0, replace ‘=’ with ‘===’ in your formula, and it should work! It should look like if({SingleSelectColum}===“Option1”,1,0)

If you are using the cloud version, which is 1.3.3 as of today, in which the ‘===’ has been modified to ‘=’, you can just use your old expression and it should work!

Sorry for the confusion and I wish you have a good time working with SeaTable!

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Hi, Thank you so much, I’m really grateful for this nice feature ! It will definitely help me, and I think other users too

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Thanks for your kind words! Feel free to turn to the Forum any time. Until then, have fun with SeaTable!