Alternative to deprecated filtered-rows api call?

I am just migrating from Airtable because of GDPR.

In Airtable it is possible to filter with one api call and get the information in the response:

List row + filterByFormular

In Seatable, it was also possible until it was deprecated (for what reason) and I am missing a suitable alternative (except of SQL Query which does not give me the same results)

also the seatable-api-parameter-reference filter section does not help or work (or I use it wrong?)

My usecase:
I have a table with Names, checkINStatus and Dates and I want to know if “John” has checkedIN already today. And if not, then update his status etc.

Is the only option to write a SQL query or script?


Hey dimitrios,
the list rows request was set to deprecated because it caused high load on the servers. You still can use it, but it might be removed in future versions.

Why do you think that the sql query is not an alternative? If you can write the filters for the list rows, why can you not write the query? The sql-query offers many functions that should allow you to write one query. Have a look at this link:

Here is what I would try: (this query is not tested…)

SELECT Names, checkINStatus, Dates 
   FROM basename 
   WHERE Names = "John"
    AND Dates = today()
    AND checkINStatus = true

Has your problem been solved with the explanations of @cdb ?

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