Android app not working


I’m a new user of SeaTable and I discover a wonderful world :blush:.
I created a base wich works well on desktop devices via browser. But I don’t understand the following issue with the Android App : I installed it on my phone but when I click on the icon in order to launch the app and the base, a redirection launch the default browser. So what is the Android app made for ? Am I the only one ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Yeah, I think that at least for now, installing SeaTable as a PWA directly from your browser makes it feel more like a native app.

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I found a way !!!

  1. I uninstalled the App
  2. I access to the base via Chrome
  3. In the Chrome menu, I click on “Install the App”

It works! Navigation is inside the App as wanted. Weird but nice :slight_smile:

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