Any API-Gurus for hire?

We need a script to be used within our PHP-Code, to access our SEATABLE-database from a simple website hosted on our HETZNER-Server. It is supposed to read text and image-files from the database to display in a website. In can be a simple demo-script for a standard SQL-Query reading the result in a simple php-array. We can then adjust this to our needs.

Maybe there is a full working demo-script already available … otherwise how much would it cost? Please send an informal quote to me (Hagen) at Or send me a PM here in the forum (I don’t know yet if this is possible) Thx!!!

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Following this. I am currently working in the Angular framework forking a front end admin dashboard into an entire production suite that accesses seatable data through the api. Leaving the actual seatable front end available to management. Our use case resolved in navigation between tables and views cumbersome due to the amount. So if that guru shows, Right price Ill claim second in line after this project.
The api is simple and easy but the actual front end work is exhausting.

Hey Hagen,
there should be already everything available what you require. There is a seatable-php-api which is distributed via composer: GitHub - seatable/seatable-api-php: PHP-bindings of the SeaTable API (

We use this for example at to generate all pages from Vorlagen from a SeaTable base…

Here is a short example:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

// setting up autoloader
require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// use SeaTable api class
use SeaTable\SeaTableApi\SeaTableApi;

// init and obtain auth token
$seatable = new SeaTableApi([
    'url'       => '',
    'user'      => 'YOUR-EMAIL', # required for variant 2.
    'password'  => 'YOUR-PASSWORD'

// get access with an api-token for a base
	'api_token' => '1d3303315348c6b566c44709d459b33b6bac5ad1',

// get access with your credentials (by workspace-id and table-name)
	'workspace_id' => '1323',
	'table_name' => 'Project tracker'

$view = "view of your table ..."
$result = $seatable->ListRowsByView($view);

Best regards

hmm … thank you … I guess, I still need help. I’m not an IT-Expert. I’m able to to ftp-upload an application, to adjust CONFIG-Files, to understand php-code, how it does access data and adjust it to my needs.

BUT … Git-Hub Installation of an API via COMPOSER ??? That’s already too much.

I tried plain vanilla downloading and uploading the GIT-HUB files and to edit the token-stuff. But the rest is only producing errors. I guess, there are files missing. The PHP-Configuration should be fine.

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