API Base Token confused (3-day limit)

Hello !

I am using a nocode platform to create an app and seatable as backend to store my information.

I am confused with the Base token. I need the Base Token for API calls but the Base token has to be renewed every 3 days. Is there a way to remove this 3 days limit? How can I guarantee that the latest generated base token will still be valid when I perform a new API call to, say, get metadata? Do I need to perform Get Base-Token with API-Token every time before performing another call ?

Thank you for your help.


It´s not possible to avoid the 3-day limit.

The Get Base-Token with API-Token action must be repeated.

Hello @fsa and thank you very much for your reply.

Sorry to bother you with this but I just want to double-check : the Get Base-Token with API-Token action must be repeated for each and every API call before performing the call?

The API documentation, section ‘Authentication’, contains all you need to know: Authentication

Thank you @rdb for your help. The documentation contains all lot but it is however not help to me. I don’t see why we need to have a 3 days limit to the Base-Token.

I have to make a Get Base-Token with API-Token call every time before making a List Rows call. Isn’t it a bit “too much”?

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