API: Maximum 10 linked rows?

Hi, we use the javascript API

We noticed, that with the method “listRows”, linked columns only return maximum 10 linked objects:

	const response = await base.listRows(table, view, '', false, 0, 1000);

Is that so and if yes, why? How can we change this?

Thanks in advance.

I just read this thread: Can we increase the limit of 10 for listed columns to more? if so how? - #10

  1. How come, that this limit is documented in the python section, but not in the JavaScript section?
  2. Can this be turned off? We just noticed it after our application is almost finished it would be a huge additional amount of work.

It is even worse. It seems that the get_linked_records method doesn’t exist on the JavaScript client at all?
How can we fetch the data instead?

@Leo.Shi Can you comment?

JavaScript API and Python API are using the same server side Restful interface. So they behave the same.

To solving your problem, there are two ways:

  1. We can add the missing API to get the linked rows in the JavaScript SDK in this month.
  2. You can add this API call in your code directly if urgent.

JavaScript SDK is not used as often as Python SDK. So it is not as mature as the Python SDK. We will add the missing content in the manual.

This cannot be turn off. It is designed to protest the server. It is likely to have one record linking to thousand of records (imaging you have a product table linked with an order table). So pagination is needed when returning the linked records.

Thank you for the answer.

We will develop around manually, but I suggest to update the JS Client anyway.

I understand the Idea of protecting the server, if one has thousands of linked rows. If so, a property could tell this.
But honestly, one call to “ListRows” can already have so large data, a linkColumn with lets say 100 connected rows (the Linked-Items are so tiny (they just provide “row_id” and “displayName”)) should not really spam the servers additionally.

Thank you for the answer

The API has been updated:

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I updated the developer manual and added this new function: Links - SeaTable Developer Manual

Perfect! Pulled it directly.

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