API Quota limit (60 calls per hour) exceed


we’re building an application or a customer. For development we’re using the Free plan. (The customer already created a Plus account but the database has not been transferred yet). So far we’re very happy with the usability, the API and its performance.

But since this morning using the API fails with an Error “limit of 60 calls per hour exceeded”.

  • I wasn’t able to find any documentation on quota levels for the API. Does this quota also apply to Plus and Enterprise accounts?

  • To download assets we have to create download URLs. Is this also counted as an API call?

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Hi Tom, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

We released SeaTable 2.0 last night. With this new version, there are limits to the API Calls “List Rows” and “List Filtered Rows”. The initial value was 60 calls per hour, this morning we have changed this configuration to 600 calls per hour. I wish this would be enough for most of our users.

For your questions:

  • We haven’t included this quota in the Changelog, because it could vary on the self-hosted versions. For cloud.seatable.io this limit is general for all users, no matter if they are Free, Plus or Enterprise subscribers.

  • Are you using the call “Zip and download asset”? If so, it’s not limited. We only limit calls for row and filter row operations.

Only for information: the latest API documentation are on api.seatable.io

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Hi Karlheinz,

thanks for this quick reply.

Increasing the limit to 600 calls will probably help us for a short period, but it would be great to have the possibility to increase this limit (e.g. charging for used calls similar like on api.google.com on increasing the quota for the paid plans).

For our project this limit is quite unfortunate because it might force us to implement some form of caching layer to provide consistent data across multiple devices.

Did I understand you correctly, that this limit does not apply for on-premise installations?

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Glad to hear that 600 can help you for the moment…

As this limit is a new configuration in the SeaTable 2.0, it’s still a global configuration on a single system. On cloud.seatable.io, there is a single system, so it’s not yet possible to customize this limit for individual users.

And for the on-premise installation, it is customizable

Link to the manual is here:
dtable_server_config - SeaTable Admin Manual

If you are interested in installing SeaTable on-premise, this following article is quite helpful to guide you through it:
SeaTable Enterprise Edition unter Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS installieren

Hi everybody,
as Karlheinz wrote at cloud.seatable.io there are globally defined limits for the API Calls “List Rows” and “List Filtered Rows”. The limits are:
max 600 per hour and max 100 per minute.

In addition there are other limits. They all are summarized in the admin manual: System Limitations - SeaTable Admin Manual

I somebody needs higher limits the best solution would be to use a “self hosted” or “dedicated” SeaTable Enterpise system.

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