API SQL returns only 100 results instead of 10 000

Hi guys,
So using this fabulous SQL endpoint, I try to retreive some datas but as far as I see, results are limited to 100 whereas the documentation says 10 000.
This is not the first time the limit is pushed down. Except I think that 1000 results is considéred as a good limit in normal DB access.
But any way, whatever the limit is, we need a way to know there are other results to be able to crawl them if needed.
And in a standard rest api, there’s always something in the result saying ‘hey guy, there’s more’. Generally using a variable in the response, or the body.
But here I see nothing.
Of course, in a regular language, that would be simply resolved by a loop and a start, limit in the SQL query.
BUT as you promote it, I use n8n with a regular HTTP Request node (there’s nothing in the seatables nodes allowing the SQL endpoint).
And then, doing a for loop is almost impossible…
So my question : How could you iterate through more than 100 results (< 1000) using n8n and SQL endpoint ?

Please consult the API documentation at https://api.seatable.io and you’ll see that the query endpoint can return 10.000 rows max.

Use the SeaTable n8n community node instead of the official one. The community node supports the sql endpoint.

Oh, thanks I was using the community node and didn’t notice the SQL endpoint was available.
By the way, as the SQL endpoint is in the rows section of the documentation, I expected to see something like ‘Query with SQL’ in the rows section as well.
But anyway, I searched and finally tested the API Call action which works ! :slight_smile:
And finally, I’m not able to reproduce my 100 results pb… So let’'s consider the topic is closed.
Thanks !

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