API token expires "randomly"

Hi, we generate API-Token through the app. I couldn’t find a hint if and when token are expiring. However, they seem to stop working periodically, but the period seems “random”:

Sometimes it is just a few days, sometimes they last for over 2 weeks.

The API documentation helps! SeaTable does not expire API tokens:

Source: https://api.seatable.io/reference/authentication

It would be very helpful if you provided a bit more detail:

  • Do you use SeaTable Cloud / SeaTable Server?
  • If you use SeaTable Server, which version
  • What is your screenshot supposed to show? (Just vour API token with different names?)

Okay, it is definitely the case, that we occasionally get “invalid token” errors. Once we create a new token it starts to work again.

Regarding your questions:

  • SeaTable Cloud
  • /
  • The screenshot shows how often we had to create new tokens in the past weeks. We noted the dates in the names.

The API token will not be invalidated once created. There is no database field recording whether an API token is valid or not.

The listed tokens should all be valid.

Note, the base access token you created from an API token is valid for 3 days. Maybe you have the base access token invalidated?

Okay, but I can tell you, that we definitely get the “Token expired” error from time to time.
Maybe it is the AccessToken. This one is created in the Javascript-Client.

It should be the access token.

After receiving the error “Token expired”, you can catch the error and re-generate the access token via API token. This is how we do in our own Python scripts.

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