App builder does not respect cascading selects in Webform

Good morning.

The app builder does not respect cascading selection fields, when creating linked entries.

I have a dicrectory scructure, on which permissions are granted based on request and signature by the appointed personell

In the first drop down, you select the root folder, in the second the corresponing first subfolders on which a permission is to be granted. Of course the two selections are cascading. So if I select root Folder III in the first field, the second drop down only shows the subfolders accordingly.

This cascade does not work in app builder, when creating a form and having the folder permissions being linked entries of the main request.

No, it doesn’t.

We may add this feature in the future. Keep in mind that the app builder is beta.

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Alright, i know it is in Beta. Yet, the feature of creating linked Entries on the fly in web forms, is a very important one. So how about adding this to the normal forms editor (and making it respect cascade)? :wink:

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