Are manual and automatic sorting mutually exclusive, or interface bug?

Hi there,

I’m hesitant to mark this as a potential bug, so I pose it as the question “should this be possible, and if not, why?”.

Edit: After a quick test to focus my question, I’m almost sure that this is an UI bug (current version, BTW)

To recreate:

  • Create a new table. One Text column, one single select field
  • Fill a few lines with animal names or the like - doesn’t matter
  • Fill the single select with a few categories
  • Assign categories to the lines
  • Manually sort the entries by dragging and dropping
  • Sort by category

It should look like this:


Within the category “Mammal”, the manual sort order is maintained. Now the weird thing: If I drag “Mouse” below “Dog”, it moves back at its original place (line 2). However, if I remove the sort and re-apply it, or just press F5, “Mouse” is below “Dog” on line 2.

To me, it seems that Seatable actually is able to sort items within the same sort attribute (here: Category “Type”) manually (the desired behaviour in my opinion), but that the interface just isn’t capable to keep up with this.

This works with grouping, BTW. No problem manually sorting lines in a group.

Cheers, Arndt

Line 3? So Dog is in row 2 and Mouse is in row 3?

Yes, It is possible.

To clarify (and this is not the state of my initial post): This is where the unsorted database starts:


Manual sort works … let’s say getting Cat beneath Mouse:


Now I sort the whole table by “Type” - the sort order with the “Mammals” is maintained, as expected


Now I try to drag Mouse below Donkey


It stays there for half a second, and then goes back to its original place (with a nice animation)


However, this is what it looks like when refresh the page:


Or when I remove the table sort:


Summary: The manual sorting actually takes place in the server-side data, the UI just doesn’t get notified, and doesn’t update dynamically.

As I wrote before: When I group by type, it works flawlessly:


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