Auto add record if doesn't already exist

I have a website registration form for courses that targets an “external registration” table. Using auto add links the new registration is compared with a “Courses” table and added to the “participants” column for that course). That works. Thanks to your help!

I also want to add/update the person registering to a “Customers” table.
I have set up a further “Compare and copy” that targets the “external registration” table and checks a “Customer” table to see if the person registering for a course is already a customer or not.

If yes, I want the new registration to be added to the “Registered for” column in the “Customer” table.
I set up a “Compare and copy” rule that achieved this but it only allows it once. If the customer signs up for a second course, it won’t work.
If the customer doesn’t exist, I want a new record to be added to the “Customer table”. I don’t know how to make this work in SeaTable.
Is this possible in SeaTable or do I need to use Integromat?

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