Automate generating PDF after form submission

I would like to have a PDF generated every time a new record is added from a webform depending on the value of a single select field. Is there a way to do this without a python script?

I was thinking to use an Automation Rule for that but that doesn’t allow me to print a PDF like a button does.

Then I was thinking to create a button column for each of the possible single select values (7 in my case) and have those buttons triggered by a script via Automation Rule. But even if I could manage to write the JS script, that wouldn’t work either as Automation Rules cannot run a JS script (right?).

Am I thinking too complicated or is there just no way to do what I want without python involved?

PDF creation cannot be automated yet.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

Yup, I thought so. Is this on the roadmap somehow already or should I add it to the feature requests? (meaning is there any chance you might be interested to implement such a feature?)

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Please add to

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