Automated activation of webhook

I use Enterprise Cloud.

What I want to do:
In a table I have a series of course names and the start and end dates. I want to automate the process of updating various aspects of a website by sending JSON data via webhook to
The process is: If “Start date” is “yesterday”, send table row data to Make via webhook.
How can I do this? (I know how to create a webhook in ST)

Automations don’t send webhooks. Modifications in a base trigger webhooks.

For more, see Creating and deleting a webhook - SeaTable

Hi Ralph,

One way I can do what I need is to automate the sending of an email and have a mailhook as the recipient email address. I can then parse the email body text in the following steps. I just wanted to see if there was another way to do it.

Here is how I would do that:

Base structure:

Besides the information of your course, you have two helper columns:

  • A formula to determine if the course was yesterday
  • A checkbox to determine if a course was already processed by

The formula of Yesterday is

dateDif(today(), {Start Date}, "D") Action

Now, I would create a action to check every day for entries where “Yesterday = -1”. Then run your actions and update the checkbox and set this to “checked” to avoid that an entry is processed twice in

Easy, isn’t it?

Why not a webhook?

Webhooks is from my point of view not the right solution. a) you have to program a lot by yourself and you will receive a webhook for every change in your table - but you only want some specific actions.

Trigger by E-Mail?

I didn’t get what you try to achieve. Use a normal trigger that checks the content of your base.

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for your thoughts. I will look into it.

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