Automated Data Upload Issue with "Link Other Record" Column

Hello, everyone,
I have a problem when automatically adding data to a column of the “link other record” type.

I was setting up automatic data uploads from Amazon to Seatable via Zapier and it turned out that the “link other record” column is not even among the list of available ones.

Then I decided to add the data that was to be uploaded to the “link other record” column to another column of type “Text” and then set up automation or rules to automatically fill in the data from the “text” column to the “link other record” column, but I failed here, I did not find how to implement this.

Please advise what to do. I really need the data in the “link other record” column to be automatically loaded in any way. This is a product SKU, and all data depends on it, in fact, it is a defining parameter for the entire database, for this SKU 5 tables are linked to each other and therefore it is very important to implement that SKU to be loaded into a column of type “link other record”.

Something similar happened to me several times.
My guess so far is that, in some cases at least, you cannot turn an existing column’s type to Link to other records using Customize column type. It seems you need to create a new column.

This is not just a problem in Zapier but also in

Please see this response: Automatic copying of data to a column of the "link other record" type - #2 by rdb

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