Automated emails being sent in multiple copies

I use SeaTable enterprise cloud

I have an automation rule that sends out an email to 2 email addresses when a date in a date column is reached. Although only 1 email should be sent per event, recently (the last week) it has started sending 3 copies of the same email to each recipient for each event.

Screenshot of rule

The recipients are entered like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-19 um 09.36.26

I have re-adjusted the automation and cannot reproduce the effect described.

Are the 3 emails sent when the automation is triggered, or also when you trigger it manually?
Have you already deleted and restarted the automation?


Thanks for your reply.

I tried triggering manually but nothing was sent (because obviously no event point had been reached).

I will try deleting and re-inputting the automation and will report back on what happens. The next event will be triggered tonight at midnight.

Hi Felix,

I deleted the original and re-entered the automation. The latest one that triggered at midnight sent me three copies. I am the only recipient of emails from this automation.

Hi Felix,

A second automated event triggered at 9 this morning and the result was triplicate emails. This 9 am event only sends emails to 1 recipient. I should have received 3, but instead received 9.

I also deleted and reinstated this automation exactly as for the other automation.

I cannot understand why it worked fine before but for the last 1+ weeks has caused this triplicate sending.

Although it is not a critical issue, I would be quite happy for you to have a look if you want. I could have made a mistake but you saw my screenshots and I haven’t done anything different.

Please have the automation send the mail to another address. It is conceivable that the mail server duplicates the mails (unlikely, but not impossible).

Thanks for your message Ralph,

For the one of the automation events, I use an email address linked to the company I work with. For the other, I use my personal email address. Both automations cause triplicates.

In both cases, the emails are sent via the company’s email server.

Should I try another email server?

By the way, I receive another automated email when changes are made in a table, and this only sends one email, not three. I had issues with this before and it was resolved in this forum post: Automation doesn't fill out column in email

Well, in this case, I’d rule out the mail server.

Can we take a look at the base? Could you send an invite link to

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