Automated emails not showing updated email body text

I use enterprise cloud.

I have anoth issue following on from this one - Automated emails being sent in multiple copies - related to the same automated email notification.

I updated the email body text to send me other information in the notifications. However, although the updated text is stored in the automation rule, it is still sending me the previous text without the updated text. When I trigger the rule manually, it does send me the updated email body text.

It seems to me that you have multiple automations sending emails. Please double-check that.

Would also explain this: Automated emails being sent in multiple copies

I have 2 automations. One sends an email at midnight exactly 1 week before an event. The other sends an email on the day of the event at 9.

Both worked fine - that is, the recipients received only one email per event - up until last week.

The reinstated automations now show the correct email text

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