Automated notifications sending multiple emails (again)

I have posted about this before and it is happening again.

I received a periodic notification twice today for the same event. Interestingly, the number of recipients for the two emails were different.
In the first email, there were only 2 recipients; in the second, 4 recipients. Originally, the automation was set to only send an email to 2 people (the 2 recipients in the first email) and then I added 2 more recipients to the same automation rule.
What I think is happening: SeaTable thinks there are two different automation rules. @fsa advised me in the past to delete the original automation rule. I believe that, in this case, I only updated the automation rule and didn’t delete and reset.

My checks:

  1. There is only one automation rule in my base that specifically targets 4 recipients. The 2-recipient automation rule no longer exists.
  2. The text in the email targeting 2 people (the old automation rule) does not match the text in (1) above. It is the old, changed text.
  3. The second email targeting four people does match all of the settings in (1).

Originally, you tested and couldn’t confirm the issue. Back then, you assumed there was a problem on my email provider’s side. Given points 1-3 above, I can’t imagine how that could be caused by my provider.

Perhaps you could re-visit this issue.

Can you please describe in detail what kind of automation you have created (including a screenshot)?

You say that the automation sends a text that you used in a previous automation that was deleted? And now you are receiving two different texts from one automation?

And what is displayed in the running log of the automation?

Hi Felix,

You are not quite right in your understanding.

More specifics:

  • I reported a problem with multiple emails being sent vis the automation (see above linked forum post)
  • You advised me with regard to another issue relating to automated emails - that updated email body text was not being sent - to delete the original automation rule and add it again. I did this and I saw the changed email body text.
  • As the issue with multiple emails was not resolved, you and your team monitored the emails and everything seemed fine on your side, even though I was still getting multiple emails. It was assumed that the problem was on my email provider side.
  • I deleted the automation rule and re-added it. The problems went away.
  • I updated the automation rule by adding 2 new recipients and changing the email body text.
  • This is when the problem started. It has persisted for a while. Only now am I getting round to writing a forum post.

I am attaching screenshots of the automation rule and also screenshots of the two emails in my inbox:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-04 um 10.05.12

Bildschirmfoto 2024-01-04 um 10.05.23

Automation rule:

Hope this helps.

I can still remember the previous case, but the other descriptions were not formulated clearly enough for me to understand how they were connected.

Can you please send me another invitation link to the base ( so that I can take a closer look?

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