Automatic copying of data to a column of the "link other record" type

I use seatable to manage my Amazon orders. The most important column in this table is the SKU “link other record” type. By inserting a SKU (individual product number) into this column, the entire row is filled with data from other tables in the database.

But the problem is that you can manually insert (command + v) this SKU, but not automatically, at least I have not found a solution. In general, this column is not available for filling in the zapier.

I can add the SKU automatically to a column of another type through Zapier, but then how do I move the SKU from the “Text” column to the “link other record” column in the same table.

Please suggest some interesting solution on how to implement this task in a different way. It is not possible to add manually, the amount of data is too large.

Perhaps you can use other tools or connections that I don’t know about yet, maybe a script, anything to do it.

Work on the Zapier integration is ongoing. Link columns will be supported in the future.

What you can already do today is this: Have Zapier write the SKU in a column of type text. Then run a data processing operation that automatically creates links between records in different tables.

Data processing is a feature that is available in all our plans. The automatic execution of data processing operations will be available soon to Enterprise subscribers.

Does this sound doable?

I’m already an Enterprise subscriber. I didn’t quite understand what you were suggesting, sorry. Could you explain the idea of the implementation in more detail?

What I understood is that you suggested loading SKUs into a typical text column via Zapier, since this cannot be done in a column of the link other record type. But how to transfer data from a typical text column to a link other record column? In the data processing settings, it is not possible to copy data to a column of the link other record type.

I probably did not understand it completely (

Sure, let me elaborate.

I understand that you have a table with orders and a table with products. In the table “products”, you have all your products including the SKUs.

If you import the SKU into the table “orders” via Zapier, you cannot do this directly in a link column, but only in a text column. But this is enough.

Here’s what you do:

  • Zapier pastes the SKU in a text column
  • You run the data processing operation “auto add link” (see below)


This this works for you, you can use the same operation as an automated action (see below)

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I sincerely thank you for helping to realize it! It’s amazing.

I understand that it works? Awesome!

Yes, everything is working!

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