Automatic database save

I’ve upgraded to 2.8.0 in DE (still no changelog announcement ?) and I’ve tried to set-up the automatic database save.

I’ve added :

  • in dtable_db_conf

dtable_storage_server_url =
backup_interval = 1440
keep_backup_num = 3

  • a new file called dtable-storage-server.conf
    host =
    port = 6666
    log_dir = .
    temp_file_dir = ./tmp

[storage backend]
type = filesystem
path = /opt/seatable/db-backups

I’ve created this folder and chmod 777 it

But sadly, I don’t see any db save appearing after restarting and waiting few days.

What am I doing wrong ?

I am not sure I understand your post. What are you trying to do? Is this in reference to the special upgrade notices for SeaTable 3.0?

Indeed, but these info are new.
There were mentions of these files in 2.8 but not much explanation .
I just want to have a working automated database save.

I am still not sure what your objective is. Obviously, all changes in the database are saved automatically. So you cannot mean that.

Do you want to automatically create database dumps?

Yes , separate dump of database on another drive

This is not what this :point_down: is for:

Please use standard Linux/database tools to dump your database.

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