Automatic Status Update for Linked Devices in Ticket System

Hello, Seatable community!

I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to reach out to inquire about a feature that I believe could greatly enhance the functionality of my ticket system, which is powered by Seatable. Currently, we have a ticket system where users can add a rented device, typically a laptop, as part of their request. To facilitate this, I have established a link to another table that contains all available devices.

However, I’ve encountered a small hurdle in automating the process. I would like the status of the device to automatically change from “available” to “unavailable” once it is added to a ticket. Unfortunately, it seems that this feature is currently unavailable (pun intended).

I would like to know if there is a workaround or if Seatable has plans to introduce this functionality in a future update. Automating the status update would greatly streamline our ticket management process and ensure that accurate device availability is reflected in real-time.

If any fellow community members have encountered a similar situation or have any creative solutions, I would greatly appreciate your input as well.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I’m looking forward to hearing from the Seatable team or anyone else who might have insights or suggestions


Welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

There is no feature “set device to unavailable when added to a ticket”. The closest thing to said feature would be an automation that triggers when a link is created. But SeaTable’s automations cannot watch link columns (yet).

This said, I think want you want to do is doable. Here’s what I would do: You can analyse the links between the devices and the tickets table in a link formula column. A findmax formula can give you the latest date. Now compare this date with today using an if formula. If the latest date is beyond today, the status is obviously “unavailable”. If it not, the status is “available”. And, now, the trick: Create a view “only available devices” that filters for the status. In the ticket’s table link column now define that the records are limited to a view. Which view? The view that you just created: “only available devices”

With this setup, the moment someone gets a device, the device will disappear from the “only available devices” view and no one else can add this device to the ticket, at least until the specified date is past the current date.

Did my tip help you solve your problem?

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