Automation doesn't fill out column in email

I am using Cloud Enterprise

I have set up an automation rule that sends an email at a fixed time when a course listed in column “Kurs” is cancelled through a single select option in the column “Status” being set to “abgesagt” (“cancelled”).

As I want the email to tell me which course(s) has/have been cancelled, I included {Kurs} in both the subject line and the email body. However, although the automation sends me an email at the appointed time, the text merely states “{Kurs} wurde abgesagt” and not the name of the course that was cancelled.

  • All columns are being watched.
  • The filter option looks for column “Status” equals “abgesagt”

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

so you use as event “Run periodically on records meet conditions” ?
I ask because there is only the filter condition and not the possibility to monitor all columns.

I just recreated the case and in the subject and in the text the respective course was displayed.

Can you maybe provide a screenshot of your automation rule please?

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Hi Felix,

Thank you so much for your help. I was using “run periodically”. I changed it to “Run periodically on records meet conditions” and it now works.

Thanks for clarifying!

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