Automation to remove linked record

Hello :slight_smile:

In our ticket system, we have the ability to link laptops to students, and this functionality is working perfectly. When a student returns a laptop, we want to change the status of the associated ticket to “done.” This part is functioning as expected. However, the one thing we’re currently unable to automate is the removal of the ticket link from the laptop record. Currently, we have to handle this manually.

I’ve looked into the automation options, but I couldn’t find a way to modify a record and remove the linked ticket. Is there a method or workaround to achieve this?


You must write a script that removes the link and then execute the script with an automation.

How’s your Python?

I learned the basics of Python about 4 years ago.
Little rusty but I should be able to do it I think :slight_smile:

If you would rather not write python code, this is something that could be easily solved with as soon as we finished the rework of the current SeaTable node. I will keep you updated.

That would be awesome!

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