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Automations in the App do work and update the data content in the base immediatly. However, when you are in the app using the tabular view, the content is not updated automatically in the same table. However, when you switch to another table, which contains the same cell the content is already updated. Or if you press F5 in the original table it will get updated.

This will create major confusion in one organisation as soon as the cells are used by different users and are waiting for an update.


this behavior is due to the following technical background:
Your base in the browser is built on javascript, so changes are immediately visible.
The Universal App Builder, on the other hand, runs on the server, so there is no immediate update, only after the page is reloaded.

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A quick addition to @fsa response. This is a technical restriction and cannot be changed without major modifications.

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The design goal is different for base and app. The app is more like traditional web pages that fetch data from the server and display them without real-time collaborative feature. The benefit includes:

  1. More precise permission control.
  2. Work with large amount of data when using big data storage feature.
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