Backup of multiple Bases or 100 MB+ Base

I want to make regulary backups of my bases. I have a Pro account. My questions:

  1. How can I export multiple bases (in one step)?
  2. How can I export a base with a size of more than 100 MB?
  3. How can I automate exports (backups)?

As for 1.) There is no way to export multiple bases via the web interface. You can use the API to export bases. Here’s the API call: Export Base
As for 2.) Bases are only exportable up to 100MB. If your base (including attachments) is larger than 100MB, you need to delete attachments via file management. (As a side note: You can store files in a base. If you store mostly small files (a few KB), 100MB is not to bad. But if you want to store a large number/large files, we recommend to store these in a separate file storage and to use links rather than the files themselves.)
As for 3.) See 1.)

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