Balise tel:00000000

If your link your brother with a phone application, you can use an hyperlink like tel:0123437874 to make a call to the specific number. How to do this in seatbale? I tried with a button generating a link tel:011212121 but when clickin on, seatable says “invalid internet adress” (although copying/pasting it in my navigator is OK)

This problem doesn’t really lie on the SeaTable side. We would love to support such browser extensions but they always conflict with other column types, like the long text column type.

I would say in this case, the number is not a hyperlink, but a phone number recognized by your browser’s telephone extension and marked as a dialable number (in most cases, this number is underlined by the extension). This marking behavior comes in conflict with some SeaTable functionalities, and I wouldn’t consider that as a bug.

Hi Karl, Not sure it’s a problem of phone extension. This type of url is considered by web brower as a possibility to make a call and then web brower ask wich application I would like to use. That is the normal behaviour. It works if I put tel:0128929832 in the adress bar.
The issue is that seatable is considering this (tel:03898932) is not a valid URL and does not try to open a new internet window or tab.

I see, so you mean the “Click to call” feature that the most modern browsers offer.
This is actually not a bug, but rather a feature request. To fulfill the click-to-call feature, we need a “phone number” column type in SeaTable.

So, thanks for the feature request, we’ll see to that!

Hi Karl, Yes that’s it. I don’t understand why a simple button with a link tel:{telephone} is not interpreted as a weblink by seatable. It seems easy to accept, isn’it?

Due to security concerns, SeaTable only will open URLs with recognized prefixes. That means this is indeed a feature request. I hope you understand now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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