Base accessible to all users of the seatable instance?


in order to summarize all useful links to newcomers, we would like to have a base that would be accessible to every user of the instance.

Is it possible to have a base shared with @everyone ?
Or can we create a group that would contain all active users ? because keeping updated a shared base with all members is really not easy as addition of users is only one by one.


Dear Ben,

the first and most important link should be All manuals and help resources are linked from that page.
On the home page of SeaTable Cloud there is a link “Manual”. It brings you exactly to this help page.

What kind of links or information is missing? Probably I can add it.
Best regards

I always go to the doc before asking a question.
What I need to know is the best way to create a shared base with all users registered and active.

We are talking about SeaTable Cloud, right?
In this case, the best way is to …

  • generate a new group
  • add all team members
  • create a base

This is not optimal, but what is currently the best solution. There might be better solutions in the future.

yes, the time-consuming task is " add all team members"
would be glad to have a ‘every active user’ tick option :slight_smile:

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