Best strategy for logging in cloud seatable from a static page (GitHub page, s3 bucket)

I have build a static page which gets generated with a new readonly base token every 3 days which displays rows.

That works already and is indeed cool.
But I want certain users to gain write access by logging in with their sea table username/password.

From what I see would have to generate an account token on each login :confused:

Is there a way to let user login and a get a base token without generating permanent tokens on the way, which I can not delete?

Or is there actually a way to (delete) old account/api tokens?

Please have a look at the API tokens. You find more info here: SeaTable API Reference

An API token grants either read-only or read-write access. API tokens come in two different variants: permanent or temporary (valid for 1 hour). Also, you can also delete API tokens. Does this meet your requirements?

Finally, we’ll really a new app builder in the next release which is due in two handful of days. This new app builder is likely to the least effort tool to build custom frontend for simple/standard use cases. Stay tuned.

Ok, i guess i will make a github action which cleans up keys once per day or so.

That sounds interesting, but my frontend is already set up with sveltekit :slight_smile:
But curious to see that builder anyway

Hey Paykko,

please read this article: SeaTable API Reference. It contains everything you need to know.
You have multiple options to get access to the SeaTable API.

  • E-Mail + Password => Account-Token => Base Token
  • E-Mail + Password => Account-Token => API-Token => Base Token
  • Account-Token => Base-Token
  • Account-Token => API-Token => Base-Token
  • API-Token => Base-Token

Here is a picture that explains the auth-flow.

I am quite sure your approach is too complicated.

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