Binary data import/upload

How to import/upload binary data? I need user upload of customers binary data and importing +20k such tiny snippets.

I do not think that SeaTable is the right solution.

Why not use Seafile? (Seafile is the sister application of SeaTable.)

Import in which sense? You need them as assets in the base, within columns directly, all in once column?

tiny snippets as in small objects? about what size is this roughly per object and is this one-off task for a new base that is to be created or an ongoing process?

I’m not clear about the SeaFile integration in SeaTable yet.

Import the binaries from old application, somehow.
I need a field in a column within a table with one or many of the binary snippet(s).
it’s an ongoing process, new snippets are added often and data transfer/import needs to be done from the old application. most of the snippets are just a few kilobytes.

I also miss a direct audio player in tables, but probably it’s there for views. I just didn’t look into views yet.

For your binary snippet process I’d go with the REST API. It’s not the easiest part of the API but once you’ve made yourself familiar with it, IMHO it is the most flexible. Can’t say thought what your options are (e.g. programming languages in use). Via the API you can store binary blobs as files (binary objects with a pathname per base).

There is also a feature you can connect Seafile for assets of a SeaTable base. It also comes with a REST API and many more options commonly available with an object store. This is where the suggestion of @rdb shines. I know many options and you now have to choose what to test first.

Yes, I miss that one as well (and unfortunately, views don’t have it either).

I am not talking about Seafile integrated in SeaTable. I am talking about Seafile standalone.

This sounds like a use case where Seafile excels.

In Seafile’s webinterface, you can play (most) audio file format (and most video files).

If you want to trial Seafile, please go here: Trial | Seafile (if you do not speak German, visit the site with Chrome and have Chrome translate it for you.) You can also test the API with the trial.

I would still need a solution for eg. metadata, search masks, user mgmt… SeaFile supports this too?

Seafile offers full text search (though I don’t understand how you want to search binary files). The biggest Seafile instance I am aware of has >100.000 users, it supports AD/LDAP/SAML/OAuth, you have role-based permissions management, and detailed sharing permissions.

I am telling you, it is worth a look!

Naturally I mean search on metadata.

Thanks for all your great comments and pointers, time to try things out more.

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