Both side sync data [Seatable - *oogle Sheets]

I want to use both Seatable and some kind of *oogle Sheets and sync them from both sides.

  1. Could you help me to find incoming webhooks (to Seatable) to update and upload data using API.
  2. In *oogle app script I have a function onEdit() that can send data on any change. What is analog here in seatable?
  3. I have free account maybe and I didn’t see this option


  1. first link Run script manually, by button or by automation - SeaTable
  2. it is not clear but option to add ROW is here Add row using fetch Add Row

I suggest you familiarize yourself with integration platforms like Zapier, Make or n8n.

I prefer and wanna try to practice API, python, JS and SQL without any these services.
For my Webdev Projects. I would glad if you will send me documentation consider this. I didn’t find this information

Sure! Please have a look at this Forum topic: 4 manuals are everything you need! - #2

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