BUG after 4.0.7 upgrade: Formula selection in automation rule (Workaround included)


just upgraded to 4.0.7, and noticed that one of my automation rules still work as I designed it under latest 3.x, but something strange happened in 4.0.7.

The rule sets a link between two records when a new record is created. The matching condition uses the “Name” column on one record, and matches it against a formula column on the other record.

(More specific, but not relevant: When duplicating a record, I link the duplicate to the original, thus establishing a link of the new record to its predecessor. The formula column just eliminates the word “(copy)” from the duplicate’s name, enabling seatale to match name to name).

Anyway, since 4.0.7 (at least where I noticed it), formula columns cannot be selected from the “match” selections in the automation rule. In an existing rule, the field that was originally populated is now empty:

The strange thing, however:

  • The automation rule still works
  • When I create the column as a text column first, then create the rule, then change it into the formula, it still works, even when created in 4.0.7

Please verify! It would be interesting to know whether it is the intended design, that formulas should never been able to be selected here (doh), if that function will be deprecated, or whether this is an interface bug). The formula, btw, evaluates as STRING

This is an UI bug. We will fix it in version 4.1.

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