Bug: Button forgets assigned script

I have a table with three button-columns - each one assigned a different script. However, the assignments do not stick. After a browser-reload of the table, all button have assigned the same script.

Hello, our test environment is version 3.4. We haven’t found the problem you feedback. You can wait for the update of version 3.4

I am sorry, but I cannot confirm this faulty behavior in SeaTable Server 3.3.7 as well.
Please check if any JavaScript blockers are preventing SeaTable to work as expected.
If the problem persists, please tell me the base UUID and I will have a look at it.


Wow - fascinating. Thanks for the video.
Thing is: I did not set the scripts to run via the ‘Edit Button’ menu entry (was not aware of it) but with the ‘Customize Column Type’ menu entry. My attempt just showed that they behave differently.

I confirm that the script to be executed via a button cannot be modified via “Customize column type” after the initialization of the column. @Leo.Shi

I just retested your problem in SeaTable 3.4. This is a bug. We will fix it later. Thank you for your feedback. :smiley:

@Markus777 We fixed the issue in the brand new SeaTable 3.4.

Could you retest if the problem still persists on your side?

If the issue is a thing of the past, can you please mark as solved?