Bug in API with rows filtering

Hi, I can’t do rows filtering via API. I’m certain in my request - it is like the documentation says.

curl --location --request GET ‘https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable-server/api/v1/dtables/de4e345c-beb6-4262-a112-d0aaa7ad3402/filtered-rows/?table_name=Expenses’ --header ‘Authorization: Token token’ --data-raw ‘{“filters”:[{“column_name”: “Category”, “filter_predicate”: “contains”, “filter_term”: “Доставка”, “filter_term_modifier”: “”}],“filter_conjunction”: “Or”}’

I got error every time I try:
{“error_msg”:“filters required.”}

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  1. Which version of SeaTable are you using?
  2. How did you implement the API: manually or did you import them from api.seatable.io into Postman? As I think you might also need the 'Content-Type: application/json' header.

Did you see this post?

Anyway, I just tested the filtering and it works.

I added ‘Content-Type: application/json’ header, and curl worked, thanks!

But I work with SeaTable API in ApacheNiFi. I configured processor as in curl:

I set Send Message Body as true and Content-Type as application/json also.

But it still forward {“error_msg”:“filters required.”}. I guess that problem is in GET method.