Bug in Universal App?

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We are building a system where we can connect badgenumbers to students for our new locker system. We have set up a Universal App with a form where we can select a student and a badgenumber (linked records) to connect them.

We only want to be able to select students or badges that don’t have a linked record. We do this using an extra field with a “countlinks” formula.

Then we add a preset filter to the UA form based on the number that the formula shows (0 = no connection, 1 = connection).

This works really well, only we’ve encountered a possible bug.

After submitting the form you have the option to “submit a new one”.

After doing this we realize that the preset list is not updated, and I can still resubmit the same connection. Only after refreshing the page, the list is updated and we cannot select that student/badge.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, any suggestions what we could do instead?

This is how your browser works…

This is a known limitation of any “app” like described here:

Look at the chapter “No collaborative work in universal apps”.

Thanks for the answer, luckily it’s not a huge problem, so just refreshing the page will work fine

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