Bug? Numeric Column not resolved in rich text email template (automation / button)

Hi, my colleague just spent 2 hours finding this out: Out of a number of columns, only one holding a numeric Euro € value did not appear in a “rich text” e-mail body. All others worked fine.

After long testing, she found our that she had the column formatted as follows:

  • Numeric Value
  • Euro currency
  • Comma as decimal separator
  • dot as thousands separator

According to the tests, the last thing broke the mechanism. Can somebody test and verify?


Thank you for your message, we are looking into the issue.

I still have some questions:
Which SeaTable version are you using?
How was the column referenced in the rich text?
Which automation did you test with?

Ah, sorry, I thought that was obvious:

  • Latest version, on premise
  • Referenced using the dropdown menu item
  • Just a plain “watch record changes and send e-mail” automation