Calculated fields in forms

I guess there is no way to show calculated fields in forms yet? But somewhere I read this feature is planned for the future. Is this true? And do you have some forecast when this will be realized?

Or is there any workaround? Maybe use javascript in the webforms?

We have a plan to add a similar feature, but I don’t know if it meet your use case. I’d like to know more about the use case.

What calculated fields do you want to show?

When a form has not be summited yet, there is no corresponding record. So it does not make sense to show a calculated field.

Dear Daniel,

thanks for your reply.

I don´t mean referencing an existing record, but do some calculation with the fields of the form. In my case it´s a price that calculates of the inputs of three fields in the same form. I thought something like this could be easily done with javascript.

Therefore I inspected the form with the browsers web development tools in hope but realized the form fields have only class attributes and no id or name. Because in that case one solution would be that you provide an input field in the form builder of Seatable where someone can enter Javascript for the form.

But once again: It´s only an advantage for the users who are entering data into forms that they may see a calculated value depending on their input in the other fields.